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Bryant's Summer Outing 2014 Review
NxJ Blog Team and Bryant
06 Oct

With the onset of the winter chill, we’re looking back fondly on our Summer Outing event that we had this past July (and looking forward to our next one). Each summer Next Jumpers and their friends and family gather for Summer Outing. The event started as a way for Next Jump’s early employees to disengage and be kids again – quite literally, with a day of competitive relay races and outdoor activities.

Summer Outing has since evolved into a way to spend some quality time with our growing group of colleagues and their families, to treat everybody to food, activities, and swag, and to embrace the idea of the extended Next Jump Family. The entire event is planned by a team of Next Jumpers, from food to logistics to activities.

David, our SVP of eCommerce Services, brought his family, and his son Bryant gave us a candid review of his experience:

Bryant's Note, Pg 1 Bryant's Note, Pg 2

I went to Camp Kiwi to celebrate the 20th year of Next Jump. My dad works at Next Jump. At Camp Kiwi there is a lake with canoes and paddle boats and there is a pool. There is a zip line too. Harrison [Bryant’s brother] went on the zip line like 1,000 times. There were tennis courts and basketball courts. Camp Kiwi is pretty because it is in the country side of Carmel, NY.

At Camp Kiwi, Harrison and I did a lot of fun things. We did a jumping pillow. We went so high we could almost touch the sky. I went on a zip line. The zip line went down a big hill. It went so fast that the brakes lifted me up and down. I went on a slip and slide that was so cool that if you go fast you will feel like you are flying.

One of the special things about this event was I learned how to dive. A lifeguard taught me how to dive. At Camp Kiwi there were Olympics for all the workers but the kids couldn’t do the event. We were disappointed. This summer’s retreat was fun. Next year I want to help plan the Olympics for the kids to make it better.

This year’s event was extra special, as Next Jump was also celebrating its 20th Anniversary, a phenomenal milestone to be able to share with our friends and loved ones. We’re thrilled that Bryant had a great time, and it’s amazing to have so many generations within the Next Jump family who aren’t afraid of helping us improve. Incorporating feedback (on how we can improve this event) is also a concept very much ingrained into our corporate culture of Better Me + Better You = Better Us, so don’t be surprised if Bryant gets an invite to next year’s Summer Outing planning team.


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