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Humans of Next Jump - Lannie
NxJ Blog Team
10 Jun

Lannie is one of the QA engineers in the New York office. After her amazing results from her 10X presentation earlier this year, we asked her about the people in her life who have helped and inspired her.


“My mindset going in was 'I’m going to do my best,' but I didn’t expect anything like that. I surprised myself."

How did you feel coming out of 10X?

Totally surprised. My mindset going in was “I’m going to do my best,” but I didn’t expect anything like that. I surprised myself. Afterwards, I did a reflection about how I’ve grown and read through all the feedback to see what things I can do more of.

So what is that thing you can do more?

In 10X, I had circumstances that showed my growth but going forward, I think I need more of a daily ritual. And I want to convert all the things I learned from my experiences in recruiting to the revenue side. Sometimes my work projects can be out of my comfort zone.


Who at Next Jump has helped you pick up the skills to grow into your role?

I would say Pushkar. He built all the release tools and so he’s taught me a lot about that. For example, we’re building a dashboard for code review, and Pushkar will have sessions with me about the Zen framework. I’ve learned a lot from him about working with new knowledge.

Who in your life inspires you?

My dad. Maybe it’s more traditional, but I listen to his advice and I fully trust him. Before 10th grade, I never thought of studying abroad. He brought it up as an option. When I was deciding majors – for UK universities, you have to decide your major and can’t change it. At that time, I loved physics, so I initially chose electrical engineering. Later on, I changed it because my interests diverged. So he was the one I went to.

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