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Love Day
13 Feb

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, love is definitely in the air. We make a special effort to spend time with our significant other, planning romantic meals, picking thoughtful presents. It reminds me of the surprise gift that Next Jump gives its employees every year – an extra day off work, called Love Day. It’s a tradition that started in 2012: a day given to us to pamper ourselves or to spend with loved ones.

It’s awesome when the company you work for shows you that kind of love, and it’s equally awesome to hear about what Next Jumpers did with their day off.

Some of us flew across the country to surprise our parents.

Some of us choose to pay it forward.

Others spent quality time with kids and family, others treated themselves to delicious meals or some re-energizing yoga. Plus, Charlie gave us all a pair of free movie tickets, so many people got to grab a movie and some popcorn.


Vaishali and family!

We had an amazing day! My husband also took off the day, which was perfect! We started the day by going to the passport office and applying for my 5-month-old daughter Arya’s passport. Beginning of a world traveler!

Since both my husband and I are big movie buffs, we miss going to movies. It had been almost 5 months since we saw a movie in theater. We had asked our nanny to still come, so we went for an afternoon show of Guardians of the Galaxy, a great movie which we were dying to watch. The AMC gold tickets came in really handy.

We were so happy to get the day off! Thanks, Charlie!


Beach yoga!

I was able to spend the day with my roommate who also had the day off. We went to the cape for the day!


What was amazing about Love Day was that I got to take the time, to take care of so many people. I had the full day to take care of so many outstanding items on my “to do” list, which as a working mom, is seriously something that stresses me out all the time. I was able to meet all the new children in their class, and create special bonds with them, and their new teachers. Then, I went on a whirlwind tour of the mall. Finally, some time for myself, I got a pedicure and a massage to end the day. Lastly, the movie tickets got put to good use; my nanny had missed celebrating her wedding anniversary last weekend due to being sick, so I gave her the tickets to do a “redo” with her husband. She was incredibly grateful. The best part of Love Day, was that I was so much calmer, and less anxious heading into the weekend. I had barely any errands to run and was able to enjoy the time with my kids, as opposed to working their schedule around boring errands I had to run! Love Day turned into Love weekend!

These are just some of the many amazing acts of love and kindness that we heard about from Next Jumpers. How has your company shown you love recently?

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