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Adopt a Nonprofit - She's the First
Tammy Tibbetts
18 Mar

In 2015, Next Jump adopted into our offices She's the First, a non-profit that has the same change-the-world mentality as we do. Learn more about their mission and the impact Next Jump is helping She’s the First make on girls’ education around the world.

The She's The First team with Charlie & Meghan

From Tammy Tibbetts, President and Founder of She’s the First:

“Do the little things…”

It’s the first part of the Next Jump mantra, one that means a lot to us at She’s the First.

We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t launch a little YouTube video five years ago with a call for action to sponsor girls’ education in the poorest countries. Why did we do it? Because statistically, of the 58 million children of primary school age worldwide who are out of school, more than half are girls. An estimated 15 million girls are expected to never enter school. It’s a huge challenge that we are dedicated to solving.

Today, 450+ girls wouldn’t be in school in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Nepal, and Peru if it weren’t for thousands of our supporters just doing the “little things” to help them, like buying a cupcake from our bake sale fundraisers, or taking one step at a time using Charity Miles (a free app that raised nearly $10,000 last year by donating a quarter for every mile you run or walk).

”…that allows others to do the great things they were meant to do.”

We’re striving to do great things: our mission is to sponsor girls' education in low-income countries, so that they can be the first in their families to graduate with a basic high school education. Imagine what they could accomplish in the world with just that foundation. We, along with our nationwide network of 125 campus chapters, raise money to support the efforts of these girls.

By adopting us and providing us resources and an office, Next Jump is enabling us to pursue this mission. We know that we are just a little part of Next Jump's influential culture and growing business, but we see everyday, through our students’ success at home and abroad, that together, we are making an impact on the lives of young girls who have a passion for education and self-improvement. We’ve already taken part in the wellness program at Next Jump, using their in-office gym to host a workout fundraiser called Sweat for STF!

We have so much to share and talk about (come drop by our desks or chat at Coronitas!) but no one says it better than Maheshwari, one of our graduated She's the First Scholars in India.

Watch our 11-minute film on your next break:

Magho (Daughter) from She's the First on Vimeo.

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