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Being Cared for as a New Mom
24 Feb

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was thrilled! After I basked in the excitement for a few days, my mind quickly shifted to my career. At the time there were only a handful of co workers who had children. Was Next Jump supportive of people with families? Up until now I had never thought to ask. I looked back on my years as a Next Jumper. Starting here at the age of 23, Next Jump had always taken care of me; there were free breakfasts and dinners, a state of the art gym in the office, adrenaline filled work days, and the most incredible parties. I was fortunate that as a 23 year old this was all I needed to feel taken care of.

But now, wouldn’t my needs be different? Would Next Jump know what I needed in this new stage of my life?

Jackie and her children

Nine months later the answer to my questions became quite clear. It started in the recovery room at NY Presbyterian hopsital where two Fresh Direct boxes arrived the day after my delivery. Inside were handpicked delicacies from our in-house nutritionist—ready-made sandwiches, gourmet nuts, organic fruits and more. This package was a welcome sight, not only for me but for my husband, who was about to be camped out next to me on a cot for 4 nights with only hospital food in our future. There was even enough to take home with us at the end of the week.

As we settled in at home with two new babies, it was a relief not to worry about cooking, shopping, or eating healthy. Instead we could focus on the new additions to our family! Upon my arrival back at my apartment, I received a notification that 100,000 WOWPoints ($1,000) had been put into my Corporate Perks account. I could burn these points on absolutely anything on the Marketplace. For the next 12 months, I did not spend a dime on diapers for my twins; I just kept redeeming points! I was also able to splurge on organic baby formula later on because of leftover WOWPoints and the money I had saved on diapers.

As my three months maternity leave came to an end, I couldn’t help but wonder how this level of care would translate now that I was back in the office. I shouldn’t have been so concerned, because upon my return, Next Jump had thought through every detail. While I was breastfeeding, special breakfasts were delivered to my desk at 9 am. This ensured that I was getting the nutrition that I and my twins needed and that I had energy throughout the day. Additionally, I learned that our Pilates instructor took a course specifically to help new moms with recovery. My stomach muscles had separated and I couldn’t partake in the workouts that were offered at Next Jump, or work out on my own.

No one ever said that having children was easy. You’re told by so many that “your life will never be the same”. But one thing did not change… the fact that I was part of the Next Jump family. As I look back on my first years as a new mom at Next Jump, I can’t help but be grateful. Everything was done with such care and I was able to focus on both things that I now loved; my job and my family.

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