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Energy Is Precious
09 Dec

We have a vision on how to run a company. We are a small group of people.  But we are a driven and courageous people, trying to accomplish great things.  What we do is viewed as counter-cultural by the outsider.  But we want to become the norm.  We want to change the world.   

To get there, we have to have the capacity to perform at a top level.  It’s no secret that human beings require energy to perform well. When tired, under pressure, we’ll need the energy to execute sound judgment and stay committed.  This is why we invest in energy-programs that take care of our most precious resource: our human capital.

Fitness and nutrition is the fuel to propel our business machine.  We believe that exercising and eating right is a necessary daily practice.  To help our employees enable the practice, we’ve stripped down common obstacles. 

  • We built a fitness portal to measure workouts that help employees track progress/stay accountable.

  • We created company-wide teams to increase motivation, accountability and camaraderie. 

  • We constructed on-site gyms, free to employees (and now family) in order to allow for the daily practice to happen naturally.

  • We hired trainers to personal train our top employees, to make sure our best are well-taken care of and make fitness a priority.

  • We offer lunches to incentivize group workout classes – those who commit to group classes are rewarded with healthy lunch, on us.

  • We offer food service 24/7, focusing on breakfast (most important meal of the day), healthy snacks (to keep our engine running), and “NxJ Family Dinners” (to improve team bonding in a communal space).

  • We employ a registered dietitian full-time to herald our programs and keep a company health pulse.      

We constantly test ideas that will enable our best growth and development.  Mental fortitude is needed to brave any storm.  It is this mental fortitude that also drives our business machine.   For this reason we invest heavily in fostering a safe environment to practice. The environment is a place where we can test our weaker character muscles with peers on projects that are “above the water line.”  As we upgrade, we can affect change at a deeper level below the line.  The programs we are building test our character under tremendous pressures.

  • Mentorship.

  • NxJ-University.

  • HCE-Lab: outward teaching to other companies based on our learnings. 

Next Jump is a place that in our vision epitomizes what we believe companies should become – and we want to help them get there.  At this very point in time, there is no place like NextJump. You might think we’d be happy to be unique. But that is not our goal.

The Ship “We are telling a story – a story of a company that changed the world – by building our business in a fundamentally different way: by focusing on people and what drives human performance.  Not the short term, not the bottom line, not the selfish.  When we speak of Human Capital Engineering, this is what we mean.  Changing the world.” – Tom Fuller

The lucky few to be a part of NextJump and our mission bleed and will keep bleeding for this to become the norm. This IS the way to do business and change the world in which we live.  To discuss “typically-off-the-table” discussions at work on character, fitness, food, bathroom habits!!  This is the foundation from which we can execute better on the business end.

Marissa’s Story

I am better off having had even an ounce of NextJump. And yet, I’ve been granted this insane opportunity to be immersed as an employee. Every day I spend here immersed in this environment and amongst our people is another day that I become a better human being.  This is a gift that I do not take for granted.  I am pumped to share what we do with the world, to make each company become its own home.

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