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30 Day Fitnut Challenge
Sarah and Peter
24 Jun

On Monday, we started a 30 day challenge program to upgrade ourselves. Our goal is to build a program for you that is so awesome and effective and we will be living proofs of the results you can attain.

Bring it on!

Here are our baseline metrics on day 1:

  Peter Sarah
Body Fat 15% 21.9%
12 minute run (for distance) 1.70 miles 1.30 miles
Push-ups (to failure) 60 33
Ring Body Weight (to failure) 40 12
Squat jumps (to failure) 30 40
Plank (to failure, in minutes) 1:25 2:00

Peter: My lower body strength and cardio ability are weak. I performed very poorly on the squat jumps and planks. I chalk it up to weak mental toughness, and not expending all my energy.

Sarah: On the 12 minute run, I could have gone harder, but didn’t fight the instinct to conserve energy. In our second workout on day 2, I could not complete the sprints part of our program. Usually I fight through anything because I hate quitting; however, this time, I was thinking of protecting myself (long term vs short term)

Peter: Behaviorally, my goal is to stop night eating; this is a habit I developed to alleviate stress. I would also like to get my body fat below 10%; my pushups, rows, and squat jumps to 100, and my plank to 6 minutes. I’m also striving to develop a physical means to work on my impulsivity and over-reactiveness.

Sarah: Behaviorally, my goal is to be more deliberate about planning meals, especially lunch. I tend to skip a mid-day meal for snacks because I don’t want to take the time for myself. I want to get my body fat down, but I don’t have a specific number; I just want to be more fit in general.

We are building this program with the goal of sharing it with you and all our corporate clients following our 1-1-all methodology. Anyone will be able to take this playbook and significantly upgrade their physical and emotional selves. Be on the lookout for updates from us over the next few weeks, and at the summer outing, we will share with you Next Jump Wellness’ 30 day formula to ignite your performance.

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