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NxJ Wellness Team Tips for Going Low Carb
Sarah and Peter
29 May

Many of us are trying to get healthier and improve our numbers – cleaning up our diets by cutting down on carbohydrates (and processed foods) is one great way to do this.

A Healthy Meal

  1. <a href=””, target=”_blank”>The first few days of cutting down on carbs are the hardest.</a> After eating low carb for a while you’ll find that you won’t want bread, rice, pasta, grains.
  2. Eat foods to fill you up. Broccoli is the secret weapon. Eat anything that you have to chew a lot. You never should be hungry (stay in the Happy Zone!). There are generally 2 foods that fill you up: (1) Foods you have to chew a lot (2) Heavy foods – literally heavy. Think an apple versus chips. Fiber fills you up.
  3. Protein is king. Good fat is second; it is good for the brain and keeps you sharp. Any carbs in your diet should come from veggies.
  4. 4. Be careful of hidden sugar in anything. A salad is great but does the dressing have a glaze or sugar? Same with any other prepared dish. It’s not the dish that is usually the problem. It is the flavorings they put in it.
  5. Sleep! The more you sleep, the less hungry you will be.
  6. Get in the habit of looking at the back of things if you haven’t already. In restaurants, google through “my fitness pal” the nutrition content of food. Be careful of sauces! The New York Times has a great interactive piece about <a href=””, target=”_blank”>how you can do this.</a>
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