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The Most Unforgettable Moment of my Life
05 Aug

On July 19th, Gowri became the second Avengers Award winner at Next Jump. The Avengers Award is designed to recognize the best ‘steward leader’ at the company – the person who selflessly gives and helps others without expecting anything in return. These are his thoughts after receiving this recognition. (Now, you can read all about the amazing trip that Gowri took with his family here.)

I am writing this blog amidst plethora of emotions and thoughts running through my mind after winning the “Avengers 2013” award on July 19. For me my world is very simple - my family, my work and colleagues and my close friends.  I would never have achieved this award without my family, who being thousands of miles away have been supportive and motivating and my wonderful coworkers who have been very supportive of me during my good and bad days.  What makes this award so special to me is the fact that it’s an award bestowed on me by my fellow colleagues, many of whom have worked with me directly or indirectly. The moments after being called on the stage, and thereafter my parents joining me on the podium, and being honored by the whole company is just priceless. I was stunned to see my parents in person, given the fact that my dad recently returned back to Mumbai 3 weeks before. I stood speechless as the sequence of events unfolded and never even thought I would win, let alone have my parents there to witness such an event.

My parents are extremely touched and humbled by Next Jump’s kind gesture of flying them all the way to New York from Mumbai and make the moment extremely special and honoring me in their presence. My dad keeps reminding me of the introduction Rachel read for me and says “It was such a touching speech that makes me feel how much the company values individual’s contribution. They indeed care for their employee like no one does”. My parents’ friends in Newport, Jersey City were equally surprised to know why they were here and every single person has been deeply touched, so much so that they have made big news about the whole event and how this company values their employees and their family. Not only the friends or relatives but even the Immigration Officer at Newark Airport, who asked my dad why he returned back to US just 3 weeks after his departure, had to say this – “It’s amazing that they flew you from India to attend the function. You should be proud, please have a wonderful stay in United States”.  Even my dad’s manager personally mailed me and he himself was so surprised and elated about my parents’ trip to USA.

It gives me immense pleasure to hear good things about the company from my friends, family. The one thing that resonated in common across what everyone had to say was around Next Jump’s care for its employees and its family and this according to me speaks laurels about Next Jump’s culture. I should not forget to mention what Simon Sinek had to say during his talk about the organization playing an integral role in the performance of its employees. The work ethics, culture, the seamless collaboration and flat organization hierarchy that we possess has made me feel so comfortable and be accounted for that I feel even the small contribution to the organization is recognized and appreciated. The ambience of mentorship, care and help gives you that confidence to take up the challenge and work towards the goal. Above all I feel highly privileged to be working with extremely talented people but yet so humble and caring.

Now that I won the Award, what’s next? Well, yes I feel like a celebrity but it’s also equally important that I get back to my usual self and be the way I was before.  My request to you - consider me as a normal employee and the one who keeps making random jokes and fools around to make people play chess.

My heartiest congratulations to the other Avenger Winners: Anuj Nair, Kenny Harvey, Kamarish Shrivastava and Chad Jiang. You are rock stars and I cannot emphasize how much you have contributed to my own, the company’s and to every Next Jumper’s growth and success.

Again, I am extremely grateful and humbled that my company would recognize me in this way.  This is the organization where I found the very essence of “Give and Take” and am thankful to Next Jump and dear colleagues for honoring me with the prestigious “Avengers 2013” award. 

I am eagerly waiting to see the Avenger 2014 and am very confident that we have a great fleet of Next Jumpers who are growing by leaps and bounds and will carry forward the mantle and culture of Next Jump.

To find out more about our Avengers initiative, you can read a blog post from our first ever Avenger Award winner in 2012 here.

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