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The NxJ Love Day Effect
28 Jan

“Have you ever been given a surprise day off?  Last year, Next Jump started the tradition of giving an extra day off annually – only one catch, you don’t know when it is coming.”

On February 8, 2012, our entire company received an email from our CEO, Charlie Kim.  The email let all of us know that we were getting a surprise day off on Valentine’s Day, February 14th! Charlie called this surprise day off “Love Day” by explaining that the leadership of NxJ appreciates the sacrifices we make and voted to create a special holiday called “NxJ Love Day.”

When I first read the email I was overwhelmed.  I thought, “wow” a much needed day for myself and family.  Around the office I was hearing Next Jumpers saying how they were so thrilled and making plans of how to spend their Love Day. Jackie in our New York office, was planning on spending the day enjoying her twins (2 years old).  I chatted with Justin in Boston and he was going ice fishing… During the weekend I thought of all the things I wanted to get done on my NxJ Love Day.  I ended up deciding to give our babysitter the day off as a way of “paying it forward.”  I told her it was compliments of Charlie Kim and the NxJ family!  When I explained to her about what our CEO did she was inspired and started planning her day off to spend it with her nephews and family members.

The day finally arrived.  I woke up, my 2 year old daughter and I drove my wife to work.  She was so happy not to commute and also to spend some extra time with us.  The rest of the day was spent just enjoying and loving the time with my family.

Upon returning to work Thursday the effect of NxJ love day was felt all over the office.  Everyone was smiling happily and talking about how effective the day was in their life.  That small act of kindness really made us feel that our CEO appreciated and “loved” us!  I learned something that day that I will never forget: “Kindness creates productivity,“ which falls right into the Next Jump mission- Better Me + You = Us.

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