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Vendor Appreciation Day
17 Dec

Exactly one year ago, Next Jump started a wonderful holiday tradition of giving gifts to children of our vendors, across all offices. The feedback and the gratitude we received in return was so heart-touching! They could not believe that a company would do such a great gesture for them! They only service us, but we treat them as part of the great Next Jump Family!

How did it all start?

Over the years, we have developed an amazing relationship with vendors who showed their love and care in servicing us. When we noticed that they do everything possible to serve us the best whether in cleaning the office, delivering packages, helping us with any repairs, making sure that everything is well taken care of by the end of the day and the office is in good hands, we then wanted to show our gratitude to them in return: “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”. Our belief is that if I can help you get better; you are going to watch my back. And this is what we did!

We opened our arms and hearts to the entire crew, which is around 40 individuals. We started with just the NY office and then extended it to BO, UK and SF offices. The office managers there realized that it was absolutely wonderful to open their hearts to their servicing vendors. With the holidays approaching, and knowing that almost everyone had children who were expecting gifts under the tree and knowing their financial difficulties, a thought went through my mind: what if Next Jump gave approval to buy gifts for children of all our vendors? When Charlie (our CEO & Founder) heard our story, he immediately approved a budget of $4,500! I was ecstatic! I was so grateful that Charlie was so generous and I started visualizing how happy those children will be when they will find their personalized gifts (the gift they wanted :) ) under the tree at the holiday!

With the approved budget, all offices coordinated, we started asking our vendors their children’s age, favorite gifts, etc. and we started ordering the top notch gifts – toys and educational gifts, to be delivered to each office according to the list of personnel we had. With a team of 5-6 “Santa helpers” we wrapped up each gift individually according to the list of preferences we put together, we wrote the name of each child on the gift and we inserted a handwritten card addressed to parents, with each gift. That card showed our appreciation for the hard work, love and care they put in for us on a daily basis, throughout the year and how grateful we are to have them servicing us. When all the gifts were wrapped up and ready to be given away, we coordinated with all of them across the offices to come in all together, for champagne, cookies and gifts receiving. The feedback received was amazing! They all came and although we told them they will be receiving personalized gifts for each of their children, they could not believe that we actually made it happen! They came in, we celebrated with champagne and everyone picked up their gifts for their children, being so happy that they will be able to put those gifts under the tree and the children will be so excited! It was like Santa came in and brought gifts! They were so happy and grateful, and they kept saying that they have never seen a company more generous and caring like Next Jump!

Vendor Appreciation Day We are continuing the tradition this year and in the years to come. We look forward to making those children happy and bringing a smile to their faces! That is the best gift!

I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing Family – the Next Jump Family, who cares so much about helping others. Thank you Charlie Kim and the entire Next Jump Family for being who you are! I am so lucky! :) Thank you,

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