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Starting a Movement
06 Feb

Getting others to follow you – customers, investors, advisors, partners – is the essence of business.

How to do that?

Think of it as Starting a Movement. And that takes three things:

  1. Faith: The founders and leaders have to believe deeply. Your product will break the status quo, unlock wasted human potential … or simply make an important improvement to what exists.

  2. Stories: You must have emotional, human stories that capture the core of why you are building. First and foremost, businesses and products exist to help people. Making money is the outcome. Capture in stories the human benefit you are building.

  3. Tools: Scale your solution. This is your product and service.

I meet engineers building cool products or entrepreneurs creating business – and they typically have the first (faith) and last (products) … but are missing the important glue between them. The stories.

We talk about Creating Fanatics. These are people that LOVE your business. These are people to tell everyone they know about you.

Find one of these customers. Find a fan and treat like royalty. Send them a gift. Fly them to your office. They will help you create 10. Then 100. Then 1000 …

Focus on your fanatics. Tell their stories to everyone. Your product will converge to your faith.

See the slides accompanying this presentation here!

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