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To Win: Need Army + Marines
27 Aug

Marines win battles.  No strategy needed.  Scrappy to win.  Short term focus.  No rules.  Will get you out of your worst jam - against all odds.  Thank God you have these guys.  No marines = you probably die + you don’t scout what’s around the corner.

Armies win wars.  Slow.  Steady.  Rules.  A building tidal wave of focused effort.  Thank God you have these guys.  No army = you don’t scale.

To win, you usually need both.

At Next Jump, we call being in Marine-mode v1 (“version 1”).  What can get done right now – today.    We call being in Army-mode vX (“version X”).  What is your vision.  Your plan for methodically creating customer value & results.

Every day is v1 creating results.  Every day has learning that iterates the vX.

The best engineers I know can work both these modes simultaneously.  They win the daily battle to create value.  And the long-term war to create a sustainable growing business.

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