Perks are the new income.


Today, companies are focused on retaining talent. Job growth is expected to be the strongest in 15 years in 2015, and a recent study revealed that 86% of employees in the US are exploring their options for alternative jobs.

A recent Wall Street Journal Article (titled: “Lavish Perks Spawn New Job Category“) focused on the technology sector and how a new HR position has been created called the Workplace Coordinator – a role focused on finding special perks for employees. Perks range from outings to free food to whiskey tasting events.

It’s not just technology firms. We have seen this renewed focus on perks throughout every industry. Some are wasting money, however – companies make mistakes in offering “me-too” perks – not understanding if perks improve employee loyalty, productivity or recruiting. I have also seen many companies provide perks in smart ways that focus on employee needs or nice thoughtful touches. Examples include:

  • Personal Development : Helping train and develop staff – subsidizing Rosetta Stone language software tuition reimbursement
  • Health & Wellness – subsidizing Fitbits or new sneakers as incentive to exercise
  • New Parents – a subsidy for all the purchases a new family needs to make
  • Small Appreciation – 2 Movie tickets during an Employee Appreciation Week

We’re here to help. In our 21 years of existence, Next Jump has helped over 70% of the Fortune 1000 manage their internal perks and programs with our industry-leading platform. Through this blog, the Perks at Work team will share thoughts, insights and tips on how to better engage your employees.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.


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