Perks that matter.

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“The number one predictor of employee engagement is the perception of how much your employees feel cared for as a human being.” – Dr. Jim Loehr

Back in January, we wrote about how perks are the new income. Recent Gallup surveys show that 71% of employees are still not engaged at work, despite companies across nearly every industry investing more in their culture and their people while striving to become a “Great Place to Work.”  This disconnect between companies investing in their employees, but those employees still not feeling cared for, is a problem that we are aiming to help you solve.

In our work with thousands of companies, we have seen four common challenges with the perks companies implement:

Low awareness, participation, and appreciation from employees.
Poor packaging — events, programs, offers and recognition are often poorly packaged and difficult for employees to find across multiple platforms and different internal groups.
Ineffective admin tools — internal tools to manage events and programs are difficult to use and have limited ability for HR to get immediate feedback from employees.
High cost — Expensive and time consuming for companies to create unique programs that meet the needs of their employees

In our 20 years, we have invested over $100 million in our platform to help our clients manage their internal discounts. Starting in 2016, we will be releasing a major upgrade that will help thousands of companies simplify manage (and measure the effectiveness of) all their internal perks, programs and events.

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