Next Jump Co-CEO Update: May + June

We are being called on more than ever since the book was published to share what it takes to be a DDO. From the CNO of the Navy, to the Head of the Air Force, to almost every F1000 organization, creating a developmental culture is at the heart of what they are trying to accomplish. In WORK 3.0, all HR software needs to upgrade. Next Jump has built the technology for our own use and is now sharing it with other companies to help them upgrade their systems (feedback, recognition, hiring, evals, etc.)

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Our Co-CEO’s (Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim) write a newsletter that we share with our own staff and Next Jump family, as well as friends of the company (including past Leadership Academy attendees). It includes a sampling of many things happening, summing up as part of our larger mission in changing workplace culture.


Next Jumpers + Family & Friends,

We are excited to share with you what we’ve been doing over the last two months (May & June), what we are learning and the impact we are making as an organization in what we are calling “WORK 3.0”.

Much is changing in the world of work, and we’ve found ourselves in a very unique position to help lead the charge — in particular around what it means to be a “developmental culture”. In 2015, a team of Harvard professors published a book with HBR called “An Everyone Culture”, citing Next Jump as 1 of 3 companies globally that represent the future of work – what they call “DDO’s” (Deliberately Developmental Organizations).

We are being called on more than ever since the book was published to share what it takes to be a DDO. From the CNO of the Navy, to the Head of the Air Force, to almost every F1000 organization, creating a developmental culture is at the heart of what they are trying to accomplish. In WORK 3.0, all HR software needs to upgrade. Next Jump has built the technology for our own use and is now sharing it with other companies to help them upgrade their systems (feedback, recognition, hiring, evals, etc.)


  • Teaching at Air University – Charlie and I gave a lecture and participated in Seminars at the ACSC (Air Command Staff College) for 350 airmen as part of their graduate masters program.
  • Visit to the CIA – we took our “Level 5” leaders to the CIA to share our latest learnings with 70 of their most senior leaders across every division.
  • Teaching at the Navy – Two of our senior leaders, Tom & Greg, shared leadership lessons, insights and analytics around the LHF (lying/hiding/faking) problem for the Inspector General’s conference.
  • TNAA Charter School Visit – observed and participated in a 10 hour recruiting day at one of the most successful charter schools in Brooklyn.
  • MI5, MI6, GCHQ Talk [intelligence agencies in the UK] – our senior team in UK shared leadership insights; building a culture of feedback and the LHF problem.
  • Keynote at The Capitol – Charlie & I spoke at a conference to Directors from the Republican conference about WORK 3.0.
  • Leadership Academy for the AIR FORCE –  In June, 35 members of the Air Force were selected as the 2017 PACE Impact Award recipients and awarded the opportunity to attend NxJ’s Leadership Academy.
  • Other Buzz – influencing Richard Branson of VIRGIN, update on our Adopt a Public School Innovation Challenge.


When asked how we’ve learned as much as we know about creating developmental cultures, we explain how it is only possible given the two businesses we have.

Business 1 is our e-commerce marketplace, which has been our bread and butter for the past 20+ years. “Business 2” is our social movement to upgrade work culture through technology. Business 1 funds our ability to run Business 2, which is a pro-bono effort and a result of all the good we are doing, enabling us to learn from the best across many industries. We are proud of these two businesses we are running and view them as symbiotic. In this update, you will see a cross section of the military, education and business impact we are making.



In early May, Charlie and I were invited to give a lecture to a group of 350 airmen at the ACSC (Air Command Staff College) for 350 airmen as part of their graduate masters program before they go off to command large units across the country. A humbling experience to say the least.



In May, Charlie and I took our “Level 5 Leaders” to the CIA. We shared our most recent learnings about leadership development, strategy and decision making. Invited to the session were 70 of the most senior talent in the agency across all divisions. There are 5 work streams that came out of that visit alone, how to help them across everything from strategy, leadership dev courses, using culture as practice, and digital innovation.

The Head of Strategy put it well: “One of the challenges I think we are facing as a business, frankly , is our business environment is changing much more rapidly than our ability to adapt. In nature this sort of thing leads to extinction. Same is true in business.”



Two of our senior leaders Tom & Greg shared leadership lessons, insights and analytics around the LHF (lying/hiding/faking) problem for the Inspector General of the Navy’s conference. When the group was asked who had attended a NxJ Leadership Academy in the past, over a dozen individuals proudly announced themselves as having “graduated from the NxJ Leadership Academy”.

Note from the IG after the Conference:


Your team Greg and Tom really motivated my team today with their brief. Their presentation peppered with honest and vulnerable stories about themselves I thought were the highlight. It showed my team the authenticity and real belief that the presenters had in the material. When Tom got up to brief his 10 points, I thought we might lose the crowd, but when he read through some of the feedback on the slide , it brought some great laughter from the crowd about the honesty of the feedback and how he felt about it. We’re saving a spot for them for a return performance next year! We’re also going to get set up on the feedback app as soon as possible.
Thanks again for loaning them to us.

All the best




We had the privilege of observing a 10 hour recruiting event for a charter school in one of the underprivileged communities in Brooklyn. They have created a unique model of development whereby the students and the teachers are always learning.

Developed at Harvard’s Urban Superintendents Program (USP) by a cohort of six high-achieving principals (our lead applicant among them), the TNAA model draws upon research-based best practices from across the globe, and has been implemented with great success at P.S. 770, P.S. 274, and TNAACS. The TNAA model is predicated upon the idea that student achievement is directly tied to the quality of teacher instruction. It is only by attracting, developing, and retaining skilled and talent teachers that significant educational progress can be made. As described by a recent McKinsey (2010) study: The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. Research has shown that of all the controllable factors in an education system, the most important by far is the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. The world’s best-performing school systems make great teaching their “north star.” They have strategic and systematic approaches to attract, develop, retain, and ensure the efficacy of the most talented educators—and they make sure great teachers serve students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

We have over 20 take-aways and will be experimenting w/ many of their practices in our upcoming Super Saturday recruiting even in October. Including observing team collaboration, reflection, giving & receiving critical feedback and handling difficult conversations. We were so impressed with this team of very talented and dedicated educators. We had the privilege of sitting in their “data room” at the end of the day to help them make their hiring decisions.


M15, M16, GCHQ TALK:

[Domestic Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Government Communications Headquarters for the U.K.]

The heads of our London office were invited to give a keynote at the GCHQ building headquarters for M15, M16, and GCHQ individuals.

Note from Tarun about the event:

“Hey team – Henry and I just gave the keynote to MI5, MI6 and GCHQ at their annual conference for their business change group. We presented on LHF and lessons we’ve learnt building culture of feedback, after our talk there was Q&A where about 20 hands went up immediately (full Q&A went over 30mins… and right through lunch too). sharing all questions below. Afterwards they left feedback in low tech solution in a box afterwards. There were 78 TU and 1 TD from those who left feedback.

A real proud moment being able to talk to that group and help them. it’s a particularly tense time right now there as you can imagine, w/ 3 terrorist attacks in the last 75 days (he also mentioned how they’ve stopped 5 others in that period – but how personally they take the 3 attacks that happened). It was so cool speaking to people afterwards opening up on their challenges – one lady said she was MI5, and only came to the conference because she had read an “Everyone Culture” and heard that we were doing the keynote.

Afterwards they gave us access for a tour in the GCHQ building which they said almost never happens to outside visitors but Neil (the guy who came to academy in December) made an exception for us. It’s a stunning building – attached what it looks like.
Afterwards we had discussed setting up a future academy in the UK for leaders from GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 – which looks likely. Neil is also attending the Academy Alumni Breakfast we are piloting in UK on July 13th.

Really amazing day.



Charlie & I spoke at a conference called the “District Director Fly-in” for the Directors at the Republican conference. We talked about WORK 3.0, and the single greatest impediment to why cultures FAIL, the LHF problem. We were first of 3 key notes planned over the 2 day conference (the other 2 scheduled were Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, and Representative Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House). Unfortunately right after our early morning kick-off there was a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia that affected members of the Republican congress which caused them to cancel the remainder of the conference.



NxJ ran a Leadership Academy as a reward for 35 “PACE Professionalism Impact Award” recipients. Airmen who are doing admirable work to impact the culture of the Air Force within their Commands. What they call the “bright spots” who are influencing others.



“…thirty-five Airmen and civilians from across the Air Force were recognized as the inaugural PACE Professionalism Impact Award recipients, June 6-9, during the Next Jump Leadership Academy…”

Read full press release here.


We have kicked off an amazing partnership with the AF. After the academy they asked themselves, why do we love NxJ so much? We asked the same thing of ourselves. As Brené Brown puts it, they are “in the arena”. We like that. Their mission is to make better airmen, to make the world a better/safer place, this above all else. We feel the same way. Better Me + Better You = Better US.

Here is how they responded on WHY THEY LOVE NxJ?

“GAS, no LHF, Feedback problem is profound for us. I had an ‘Oprah ah ha moment.’ Working with smart people like you hard to find, and you’re so cool, hip and successful. You guys are ‘trending’ on the wave of the future”
– Col. Denise Cooper, Head of PACE
(The Colonel also showed us through a FaceTime call that her “No LHF” baseball sits right next to the US Constitution on her desk.)


We just kicked off a 3-month coaching program with the Air Force. Coaching top senior leaders at Luke Air Force base, while their most senior leaders are coaching Tom & Albert (Snr Engineering). Look forward to sharing the key insights in the next Co-CEO Update.

A lot more to come in the next update about the programs we are building with the AF.




Our UK leaders speaking at VIRGIN “100% Human at Work” Gathering



“I have read several articles about Next Jump and the training it provides to the military on workplace culture. I am an attorney in Los Angeles representing public agencies, with a focus on representing Police Departments/Police Chiefs in the area of employment law. I am interested in learning more about the training you provide on No Lying, Hiding or Faking. I would like to learn more so that I can provide a similar type of training tailored to the clients I work with. Based on my experience alone, a great majority of police termination cases I have handled usually involve officer dishonesty – typically during the administrative interview or some attempt to cover up the underlying act. Had the officer been forthcoming, it would likely have resulted in something short of termination. There is a saying in the police profession: you lie, you die. Although honesty and integrity are pillars of the police profession I have often wondered if something more can be done to avoid what I have experienced in handling termination cases. I think the root may be culture and I know your company is leading the charge on transforming it.


[Read Kevin’s full blog post here.]

“Dad and I have spent the last hour immersed in reading and discussing the article and blog. We are both very impressed by the endeavor and the enthusiasm and energy of all concerned – a win win situation! The long range effects, as they evolve,will continue to be exciting to observe. As a former educator of young children, I think how motivating and exciting it would be to have the opportunity to have an all expense paid trip to London and spend time in a “sister” school! We have sent the article on to other educators (family/friends) to read.
This inspires me to once again think about doing some school volunteering in our community when my Encore board involvement is through. Carry on with all of your good work, son, and know how proud of you we are.”
Mom and Dad



We will leave you with this: “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

I hope you enjoyed our Co-CEO Update. Please share and forward to your family & friends. Any reactions and feedback – always would love to hear from you.


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