“Learning to voice my opinion” – Premdeep’s PLB Journey

Heading into my second year of being at Next Jump, I had the pleasure of coaching Premdeep through his PLB journey. PLB, or “Personal Leadership Bootcamp,” is a program that all new hires go through to learn about themselves, identify what is holding them back, and set up their environment to help them grow. After “graduating” from PLB, Premdeep and I had the chance to catch-up and reflect on his experience.


Stephanie: To start with, how has the PLB Journey been like for you?

Premdeep: Initially it was quite challenging – one, it’s difficult to work on yourself because it’s difficult to find out stuff about yourself, like the backhand, and how to improve – and what practices do you use to make sure that you are consistently working on your backhand. It was challenging for me, but also fun because people here were really helpful.

Stephanie: Rewinding back a little bit, what is a backhand?

Premdeep: So a backhand as we define here is something that holds you back, something that prevents you from attaining your full potential. The way I used to think of it is: what would I have achieved if I did not have the thing that is holding me down.

Stephanie: Got it – and how would you describe your backhand?

Premdeep: It’s not easy to figure out a backhand first of all, and the one that I did figure out is that I’m afraid of voicing my opinion in front of other people because I fear looking stupid. It’s not like I have just one backhand…everyone is a spider of backhands, and I just chose the biggest one to work on.

Stephanie: What did you learn about yourself through the PLB process?

Premdeep: I would say first learning for me was consistency vs intensity concept. In most of the backhand situations, I would just amp myself up to go ahead and do it, whether that be public speeches or presentations. I never thought that if you consistently work on something, you can actually resolve it. So that was a really important concept for me.

Second was talking partner. A Talking Partners is the closest person that you feel comfortable with within the company – you can share your ideas and views with them, kind of like your sounding board. I think concept of talking partner really helped me, because now I can share any ideas and feelings I have to my TP.

Another main learning for me was the exploration part, the moment when you explore yourself. I remember I sat down before my checkpoint and I was thinking about how this backhand had actually affected me, and I was brainstorming, going over past incidences of when did I feel like I could have done better, and then I realized this backhand of not being able to voice my opinion has affected me in my knowledge, communication skills, and even capacity to have original ideas. That’s when I sort of got scared and really gave my best to the process of PLB.

Stephanie: Lastly, what advice would you give other Next Jumpers who are going through PLB?

Premdeep: My first advice would be to be super dedicated to the process. Second would be honesty – being honest to yourself. Third, being okay to share your feelings. You cannot explore yourself on your own. There’s a lot you know about yourself, but you still need help from other people to find out the true reason.

Also, the word bootcamp is really important – it’s just the start, it’s not the end of the process. It’s making sure that you have enough skills to start working on yourself. That’s what’s important for me. This has given me enough knowledge and skillset to work on the rest of my backhands and the first one I started with. It’s the start of a really long journey of making yourself better.

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