“Learning to Share my Eggshells:” Yuliya’s PLB Journey

Until PLB, I hadn’t actually realized how bad my lack of confidence was, and how it was holding me back. I thought I was more arrogant…rather than insecure.

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The UK team had a chance to touch base with Yuliya, who recently graduated from PLB.

PLB, or “Personal Leadership Bootcamp,” is a program that all new hires go through to learn about themselves, identify what is holding them back, and set up their environment to help them grow. After “graduating” from PLB, Yuliya reflects on her experience.


How has the PLB Journey been for you?

Yuliya: It’s been for me personally quite a long journey. I was in six rounds, and it was very interesting – it hasn’t been an easy one for sure. It opened my eyes a lot about who I am as a person, at work, my with family and friends. It challenged me to fight some of my narratives that I’ve had for years, which was difficult, but I’d say quite worthwhile.

Yuliya and other Next Jumpers pushing themselves

How would you describe your Backhand?

Yuliya: I identified my backhand as I don’t love myself enough, so I rely on external validation and other people’s love. This originated from how I was losing my confidence and had really high expectations for myself that I could never reach, and I would beat myself down to the point where I lost a lot of my confidence and I started looking for assurance in myself. It shows in me being uncertain when I need to make decisions, trying to please others because I rely so much on them, and beating myself down when I make mistakes and seeing the worst of myself.

What did you learn about yourself through the process?

Yuliya: Until PLB, I hadn’t actually realized how bad my lack of confidence was, and how it was holding me back. I thought I was more arrogant…rather than insecure. I learned that I’ve been very demanding from the people in my life, whether it’s my colleagues, friends, or boyfriend, because I need their reassurance…and also because I don’t believe in myself, I haven’t been pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so I didn’t have  a lot of hobbies before I started PLB.

How did you work on your backhand?

Yuliya: I tried a lot of things throughout my PLB journey – some were to build my confidence, others to share my point of view. I also started going swimming, which was more of a personal practice. The thing that really helped me was sharing my eggshells, the things that are on my mind that I don’t want others to know, whether it’s an embarrassing narrative or a question that I don’t know the answer to and I’ll look stupid if I ask it; or, feedback if the other person won’t receive it well, and so I’m too afraid to tell them because I’ll lose them. I think that once I started sharing those eggshells, it’s been much better for me. I was very scared in the beginning that I would end up unemployed without any friends and single, and I didn’t. It really helped me strengthen all of my relationships. I’ll say that was my best practice.

Is there a story you’d like to share from your PLB Journey?

Speaking of eggshells, one of the biggest things that was on my mind that I could never share was feedback to my TP (Talking Partner) Vicky. Because she was the closest person at work, I was very scared to challenge her or tell her anything that she may not receive well because I was afraid that she would stop loving me. But it was months, and she wasn’t performing as well, but I was too afraid to challenger her, and so she got a lot of feedback from the rest of the office, and for me that was the wake up call that I wasn’t doing my duty as TP and that my fears have been holding her back…so that really motivated me actually to go after the whole eggshell sharing practice.

Yuliya Wiki
Yuliya and Vicky on a TP trip

Lastly, any advice you would give to current Next Jumpers in PLB?

Yuliya: For the first three rounds of my PLB journey, I wasn’t deliberate in what I was doing. I wasn’t honest with myself, honest with my coach, and honest with the judges. And I was trying to do a lot, but not actually dig deep because it was uncomfortable for me. So the advice I would give is be honest with yourself. And even if you didn’t do anything, just say it, try and understand why, and push yourself to be as authentic not only with others but mainly with yourself. This is what held me back for quite a few months. So I challenge you to be honest.

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