The 21st Century Movement: Strong Teams Getting Stronger

At our opening Leadership Academy of 2018, Co-CEOs Charlie Kim and Meghan Messenger gave a keynote speech on what success looks like for organizations in the 21st century. How can strong teams get even stronger? What are the key skills needed in navigating today’s increasingly complex business world? We’ve put together the top insights from their talk that you should know about.

1. In today’s age, it is important to build adaptive learning teams – teams that have improved decision-making skills and an increased rate of learning.

2. Strong teams have diversity in thinking and approach.

3. High-performing teams have a learning mindset vs. performance mindset

4. Whether it’s enacting change within an organization or even trying something new, it’s important to understand how things fail – otherwise, it’s easy to give up.

5. To build decision-making muscles, employees at Next Jump go through the “Developmental Gym” – a cycle of deliberate practice, feedback, and recovery.

6. At times, we spend so much mental energy into “looking good” or maintaining our brand; this prevents us from performing at our best, making better decisions, or even giving constructive feedback. Here’s how to gain 2/3 of your week back.

7. Feedback is data that can fuel better decision-making, both at an individual and team level. That is why it is important to make giving feedback the cultural norm.

Let us know your thoughts on what makes strong teams.

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