Next Jump Co-CEO Update: many months [Issue #10]

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NxJumpers + Family & Friends,

We have been unable to find the time to write our bi-monthly newsletter. Our team has been traveling all over the country, visiting branch offices, command bases, all to help bring “Industrial Age” organizational designs to the “Information Age”.

Too much to share all in this newsletter…but some highlights:

) Two Leadership Academies:

  • End of FEB for over 100 leaders from 30 diff organizations in the field of Education: Harvard, Duke, Columbia, Teach for America, Charter and Public schools
  • End of APR for over 100 leaders from Fidelity and the Air Force

CEO update 1

CEO update 2

If you get a chance to watch some of the APR Leadership Academy Highlights:

Video #1 – How Things Fail: In Organizational Change [10 min]

Video # 2 – WHY Every Organization Has Industrial Age Cancer

Video # 3 – Coronitas Academy week [a rare view as these often aren’t recorded, end of week recognition of “those who helped us succeed”]

* after a tough week of development work, improving both ourselves and others, we end the week giving appreciation (warning: quite emotional)

) March Super Saturday – 1 of 2 hiring days to join Next Jump (next one in October). 50 of the top candidates from MIT, Cornell, etc. while nearly 30 VIP Observers watched us interview for (1) Collaboration skills + (2) Coachability of an individual…some amazing observers including the 4-Star Vice Chief of the AF. We made offers and had a 90% acceptance rate.

) Two largest strategic investments made over a decade (baked into our culture and environment):

1) Personal Health
2) Raising Children

* We found from early on, these get harder as we get older. As leaders-in-training have greater decision making power over time, their performance is crippled by these two things. Most individuals spend evenings, weekends…free time we don’t have, trying to figure out how to address and solve these incredibly difficult life challenges. What a perfect opportunity to make it a Company problem, leverage the power of TEAM to solve commonly shared challenges. It makes business sense. We have focused on these two areas for the last 2 decades.

) Next Jump Summer Camp – launching this summer will be our first 6 week (9am-6pm) summer camp for the children of NxJumpers. A great team of teachers will be leading this, our head teacher joins us for the summer from Avenues, a top private school in NYC. Camp includes swimming, basketball, Minecraft, cooking classes, indoor vegetable gardening, learning reading/math/mandarin and much more (including some pretty awesome field trips throughout the area).

) EDU.NextJump – launching our foundation dedicated to bringing the power of business to help and improve the field of Education. Like work, education is designed and operating an “Industrial Age” model. Our foundation kicked off with a contract and partnership that will start initial funding in the $1MM+ range. Much more to come, including sustainable funding streams that grows alongside our business.


) June 6-8 – our next Leadership Academy, for hand selected Air Force leaders
) Aug 3 – Avengers ceremony (top recognition event identifying the servant leaders of the year) w/ Keynote speaker: Susan Cain (top 10 TedTalk speaker and introvert/power of quiet expert)

We hope you get a chance to watch some of our latest learnings, lessons, insights – in the above video links. We are “cooking with gas.”


ps: finally, what’s most important 😉, our annual inter-office dance battle occurred in March, the trophy is back where it belongs in NYC. The key to winning was our retired Marine: Darrell, who knew?

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