2018 Avengers Ceremony Recap

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The Avengers Award
“Alone we can do good, together we can do great”

Every year at Next Jump, we embark on a journey to find and recognize our “Avengers.” The Avengers Award recognizes the steward leaders of Next Jump – those who go out of their way to help others, as well as act as an example for others to follow. Our Avengers exemplify those who work to better themselves and those around them by creating environments for human potential to expand and thrive: the person that’s able to give you the feedback you need to help you better yourself.

On August 4th, 2018, we named our 2018 Avengers Award winners: Xuelan Zhang and Nayan Busa from our New York office!


This year, we had an extra special twist – it is the first time we awarded two winners! We believe in the power of Training Partners (TPs), and that having the right work partner accelerates learning and development. In the spirit of partnership, we wanted to recognize the amazing work they’ve done together on themselves, other Next Jumpers, and the Enterprise.

Check out a highlight reel of the event here:


To view the full version of the Ceremony, click here.

2018 Avengers Class

Left to right: Rachel McClain (NxJer since 2008), Xuelan Zhang (NxJer since 2012),
Nayan Busa (NxJer since 2009), and Khoa Ho (NxJer since 2016)

Each of the Avengers nominees brought something very unique and special to the Next Jump community. We’re incredibly proud of our top nominees as well as our winners.

Here’s what one of our top nominated, Khoa Ho, said:

“I feel appreciated. The ceremony was amazing and emotional. It was a wonderful feeling when you witness the moment the parents come on the stage and hug their son/daughter. I didn’t expect my parents to be there since I talk to them daily, and when they suddenly just walked in, I froze in the moment. They hugged me and it was so warm, it was a feeling that you don’t always get every day when they are not around. My family feels very appreciative of how Next Jump and Next Jumpers go out of their way to organize the events and take care of everything when they were here. I’d like to thank everyone that put their time and thoughts to vote for me, it was an honor to be voted by them. People here are so amazing.”



“I witnessed something that I am having a difficult time forgetting… I saw unparalleled compassion, team-building, and a corporate culture that shook me to my core. It is such a rarity to see employees with just as much passion for their company as your Co-CEO’s Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim. Thank you for your time and energy. And thank you for the experience of seeing a company truly doing some good.”   

“I had a great time at the event and really enjoyed the reception as well. It was so nice to spend time with Next Jumpers that I have gotten to know over the years. You really are a great partner and always treat us like family.”

Keynote Talk with Susan Cain

It was an honor to have Susan Cain join us at our 2018 Avengers Ceremony. Cain is an acclaimed TED Talk speaker and author of best-selling book, Quiet. It was fascinating to learn about the power of introverts and introverted leadership styles during this inspirational talk, especially as we believe in growing all our Next Jumpers to think like CEOs, no matter their personality type.

Culture Collaborators

At our Avengers Ceremony, we also wanted to shine a light on a handful of guests, many of whom are Avengers in our eyes and are doing incredible work in the world. You can check out these mini “TED Talks” here:

Visit our website to learn more!

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