Next Jump Co-CEO Update: MAY/JUNE/JULY/AUG [Issue #11]

These four short videos best summarize all that has been happening at Next Jump

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NxJumpers + Family & Friends,

This is a long overdue update, trying to summarize 4 months of life at Next Jump. The four short videos below best summarize all that has been happening. Please share with your family and friends. Meghan and I would love to hear from you.


WHAT DOES NxJ DO? [our ABT: And But Therefore]

The oldest question that we have struggled with, “What does Next Jump do?”. While training the newly promoted 2-star generals of the Air Force, Meghan participated in an ABT (And But Therefore) storytelling exercise and within minutes wrote Next Jump’s ABT:

Aug 2018 CEO update 1

In that same offsite, I participated in a story telling exercise describing our “Hero’s Journey”, a summary of the trials and tribulations of building Next Jump. Although this occurred months before, I shared what I wrote (was such a visceral exercise that took only 20-30 minutes) for the second time at the end of our Summer Outing on Aug 4th:

VIDEO DESC: To wrap up our 2018 Next Jump Summer Outing, our Co-CEO Charlie addressed the audience with an inspiring personal story. Watch as Charlie Kim describes his journey with Next Jump through the lens of a storyteller answering “Where in the world have you been”.


On August 28, the CNO John Richardson (head of the Navy) flew to NYC for the day to spend 3 hours with Next Jump. The visit also included two 3-Star Generals + 2 civilian General equivalents + newly appointed MCPON (most senior enlisted Navy head). The Navy has been working with us to upgrade and build a “learning organization”, what Harvard calls DDO’s (deliberately developmental organizations).

Lots of security detail. They arrived by motorcade, blocked off part of 5th Avenue for the 3 hours+.

1st Reaction from many NxJumpers: “this is so cool”

2nd Reaction from same NxJumpers: “wait, are we in danger?”

Pictured Above: Meghan NxJ Co-CEO, Darrell retired Marine now NxJumper, CNO head of the Navy, Charlie NxJ Co-CEO


Much of May and June consumed a significant portion of our leadership team visiting, running workshops at multiple Air Force commands. Additionally nearly a 100 AF leaders trained in our 101 FEEDBACK Leadership Academy in June. All the work we did to help the AF is best summarized in this short video by the newly promoted 2-star General Steve Schaick.

VIDEO DESC: At our Avengers Ceremony, Steve Schaick, Deputy Chief of Chaplains at the Air Force, gives a powerful talk on the importance of caring for the caregiver

EDU.NEXTJUMP.COM [beta] – goal to become the next “” for Learning & Organizational Development

We hired Stuti Shukla, one of Harvard’s top post graduate PhD’s from the Education School, to head up our EDUCATION dept. The goal is to build a free community (“a hub”) that provides research, insights and content and even funding to help further the creation of learning organizations (“work is the new school” + “education is the new currency to attract & retain talent”). The creation and sharing of knowledge has been in our DNA for over a decade through culture tours, Leadership Academies (since Feb 2014) and much more. We believe in investing in education of both ourselves (Better Me) and of others (Better You).

Upgrades to our Leadership Academy:

101 FEEDBACK Leadership Academy – is the foundational sequence to building an environment of learning

201 COACHING Leadership Academy [launching soon, available only to those who have graduated from 101, a pool of nearly 3000 leaders]

301 HIRING & ONBOARDING Leadership Academy [launching October, 2 day academy, culminating to our Super Saturday Recruiting event]

302 RECOGNITION Leadership Academy [launching August 2019, culminating to our Avengers recognition ceremony]

If you get a chance to download Stuti’s “Feedback Brief: insights from 30+ years of research into feedback in the workplace” – it has become very popular among leaders. The brief is structured to answer 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs):

FAQ 1: Employee Voice and Organizational Silence

FAQ 2: Feedback-Giving

FAQ 3: Feedback-Receiving

FAQ 4: Feedback-Seeking

FAQ 5: Developing Intuitive Expertise

Download the “Feedback Research Brief”


Our highest honor, the #1 recognition at Next Jump is a servant leadership award. We ask a simple question: “Who helped you succeed?”. It is crowd sourced (as in every NxJumper votes). The votes are then reviewed and backed by several follow up interviews over 2 months by former winners (Avengers). We learned through our research that our Fathers are happiest when we achieve (graduate, get promoted, etc). Our Mothers are happiest when we are happy/healthy and also help others. For this reason, we use this award to honor our mothers. For the top 3 winners, we fly their mother’s in from anywhere in the world, hide them in the audience and bring them out on stage as a colleague reads what people said about their son or daughter.

Of the 3, the top voted individual is our Grand Prize Winner and gets a $50K vacation to honor their mother and bring their entire family on an unforgettable journey. (note: mother’s love to bring the entire family together on vacations). The only ask we have is on their final night, for each member to write a short note on the shared experience of the week long vacation. We then take all these notes and publish them in a book for the 400 guests at the following year’s Avengers Ceremony.

For the 1st time ever, we recognized partnership: can’t succeed alone…we awarded 2 Grand Prize Winners.

During the ceremony, we had 3 short “TED-Talk-like” speakers and a keynote from Susan Cain, the expert on Introverts, author of “Power of Quiet”.

VIDEO DESC: Every year, we name our top Avengers of Next Jump – steward leaders who go above and beyond to help others succeed, while also growing themselves. Please enjoy this highlight reel recapping our 2018 event!

Related to flying parents in from around the world, one flew from India, another from China this year. The level of difficulty getting through immigration has been both nerve wracking and painful. Our Avengers team sends a letter inviting the parents to fly them over in secrecy for the event. What I heard from the Avenger winners and also their parents (quite emotional as they explained this to me), this letter below acts as a VIP PASS through immigration. They have never seen anyone fly through so quickly, get a “thumbs up” and even enthusiastic hooray cheers from the immigration officers. That’s pretty cool.

Aug 2018 CEO update 6


We have so much more we could include in this newsletter. We launched our Kids Summer Camp for the first time, 6 ½ weeks from 9am-6pm, free and for our NxJumper’s children. We hired some of the best teachers in NYC and what an amazing experiment that included almost daily swimming, basketball, Minecraft, cooking classes, robotics, DJ, gymnastics, field trips and more. But our investments in family, in strengthening our community is nicely summarized in this short video below highlighting this year’s Family Summer Outing.

VIDEO DESC: Every year, we gather together for our annual Summer Outing Event with family and friends. From NxJ’s Got Talent to our Summer Olympics, it is a time to celebrate our Next Jump Family!

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