How To: Care & Support Employee Health

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In line with our goal to build a thriving community, Next Jump is committed to help Next Jumpers build healthy physical habits. Together with our consistent events (in-office gym, healthy snacks and food, sleep class, etc.), we also organize a few checkpoints to help us take snapshots of our health along the journey to becoming a healthy, happy organization.

One of these is our Fitness & Health days – open to both Next Jumpers and their families/close friends. We want our loved ones to be aware of their overall health and wellness too! This Friday, we’ve organized a blood check and flu shoot event.


Bi-Annual Fitness & Health Day (Friday 2nd November):

  • We’ve organized a blood check and flu shoot. Protecting ourselves against the winter chill, plus with the blood test results, helps us better set up our diets and physical exercises in ways that work with our bodies
  • We then continue the day with a healthy breakfast in the office, along with a short talk on the origins of the event
  • All results remain private and will not be shared with anyone

These results point us in the right direction to help us achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. How do we help out?


  • Every office has a gym, along with exercise classes that Next Jumpers can attend (Dance, Pilates, HIIT class, and more!)
  • Inter-office competitions – we all belong to a fitness team so that we can cheer each other on and encourage everyone to work out at least twice a week.



  • Snacks that are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats
  • We limit sugar, especially added sugars
  • Nutritional advice from our Head of Wellness


Every week, we run sleep classes to help Next Jumpers re-charge and boost productivity. A 30-minute guided meditation can go a long way


Does it help?

Three years ago, two Next Jumpers received news from their  blood tests that their triglycerides were at a dangerously high level. While every metric we screen for can be repaired, these results tested that theory because they were so out of range! In true Next Jump fashion, however, our Next Jumpers took an honest assessment of the situation and implemented daily practices to lower their numbers and reduce their triglycerides.

This included cutting out egg yolks, cured meats, and cheeses filled with saturated fat. They took an overall inventory of their situation while leaning on the support of their team. Within 30 days of implementing their practice plan, their numbers began to improve. Three years later, they are out of the danger zone and never required medication, all due to their dedication, grit, and commitment to reach a solution and improve their situation.

Guess what… these two Next Jumpers are none other than our co-CEO Charlie Kim and 2018 Avenger Nayan. Healthy body – healthy mind.

We believe that physical and mental wellbeing is important to keep our employees at their best. Stay updated on all the ways we support our employees at, or follow us on social media!

Interested in learning more? Come in for a Culture Tour.

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