Our Avenger of 2019: Graham ‘Iron Man’ Laming

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We’re so proud to announce that Graham Laming, Co-Head of UK Engineering, was awarded the Avengers Award this year! This award is the highest honour at Next Jump: we crowd source stories across the entire company to identify and recognise Next Jumpers who have gone out of their way to help others succeed, and who have consistently demonstrated the trait of “service for others” in the past year.

Graham’s family surprising him onstage

In line with our ethos of servant leadership, just as our Avenger is the one who has helped others the most, we believe that our Avenger has been shaped by their family and loved ones. We surprised our top three nominated Avengers by bringing their family in secret to the ceremony. Graham’s father and brother joined us to celebrate his achievement with him in New York. We also recognize our Avenger and their family with a $50,000 holiday for them to create the memory of a lifetime together.

The Avengers Ceremony takes place once a year and we fly out our four offices (New York, Boston, San Francisco & London) to come together and recognize the Next Jumpers who have gone above and beyond to help others succeed. It’s an incredibly emotional ceremony (we even make sure to put tissues on everyone’s seats!) which comes after a two-month process of peer nominations and secret interviews to collect the stories about how they’ve grown themselves and those around them throughout the year.

L-R: 2018 winners Nayan & Xuelan, co-CEos Meghan and Charlie, Graham, Graham’s brother and father

Each of the Avengers nominees brought something very unique and special to the Next Jump community. We’re incredibly proud of our top nominees as well as our winner.

Like many engineers, Graham started as more of a solo player, who enjoyed solving problems successfully alone. When he first started to lead a team, he struggled. Then one of the engineers who worked under him left Next Jump – and Graham realized he could have done more to help  them stay. Since then, rather than working alone, Graham has consistently pushed himself to work with others, hear them with empathy, and invest in others growth. He’s grown into a leader, who treats others’ challenges, growth and success as his own.

Graham is a person who sacrifices his own time to enable other individuals, as well as the enterprise, to thrive and succeed. Graham is a rock that everyone can lean on when they need a hand, as well as a true leader who unite and elevates the people around him. We’re so proud to have him as our 2019 Avenger this year!


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