The Team

Greg Kunkel, Editor
I am Greg Kunkel, speaker-greg-kunkela Co-Founder at Next Jump.  Our Perks at Work e-commerce platform serves over 70 million employees around the globe generating over $2 billion in sales in 2016.  This fuels our larger mission to change the way we go about our jobs and lives through improving workplace culture.

Having played a role in sculpting many of Next Jump’s culture and human capital initiatives, I’m passionate about building culture, coaching and helping others grow.

Next Jump was founded in 1994 as a print-coupon business for college campuses and, eventually, corporate employees in partnership with HR departments of Fortune 1000 companies. Along the way, we discovered a formula in how company cultures should be built: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. Our intent is to share how we run our culture openly with other organizations to help change the world by changing workplace culture.