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Organisational Silence in a new era: AC (After Covid-19)

3 minute read. In the 21st century, the information age, the ability for teams to communicate rapidly with each other is the difference between winning and losing teams. World and life have become so complicated that they’re like a puzzle (with complex problems akin to putting together 3,000-4,000 puzzle pieces). The ability to make sense of the bigger picture

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Culture 10X Breakfast: A Forum For Sharing Experiments

On Thursday, we invited some of the top innovators in workplace culture and learning at our London office in Waterloo for a Culture 10X Breakfast. During these breakfasts, we facilitate an inspiring space for individuals and organisations (across all sectors, including Government, Intelligence, Corporate and Consulting to Non-Profits, Start-ups and Education) to openly exchange knowledge,

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Industrial Age Cancer: 20th Century Practices Kill Off Business

Many companies these days, both large or small, face a huge problem: stagnation. Business practices are not keeping up with the times or innovating along with the demands of the 21st century. We’re facing entirely new challenges, but ill-equipped to react, and just like the dinosaurs… going extinct. Here at Next Jump, we focus on

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