Avengers 2017

Next Jump Co-CEO Update: July + August 2017 (ISSUE 8)

What has happened to the world? Governments seem to be in chaos. Terrorism is rising. Even the largest of companies seem fragile and at risk of dying. News and information is plentiful but can you trust it with all the fake news? Next Jump is being called on by the Navy, Air Force, CIA, F1000 businesses, education, sports, medicine, nonprofits, startups…asking for help on their culture…how do we turn our organization into a “developmental culture,” in order to build “Adaptive Learning Teams.”

3 Initial Problems to Attack in Building a Developmental Culture

We are commonly asked similar questions around how to get started in building a developmental culture and, in sum, we have found that creating consistent programs and rituals are necessary to create behavioral change. To get started in building a developmental culture, here are three problems to consider attacking, along with our approach (and learnings) for solving for them here at Next Jump.

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