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Three lessons learned in creating recognition programs that HURT employee engagement

Recognition programs are a powerful way to reinforce the behaviors that are important to an organization. I have seen first-hand how recognizing someone can have a tremendously positive impact on engaging employees; on the flip side, I have seen recognition result in disengaged employees as well.

Culture of “Growth Mindset” is a precursor to employee engagement

A few weeks ago, I created (and started contributing to) this blog. Blogging has been on my mind for several years, yet I struggled to start. I had different excuses – “I’m busy”; “It’s not a priority yet” – but my real worries were that I knew I struggled to write succinctly, and I stressed that

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How the Next Jump dance battle is practice ground for leadership development

One of my happiest moments at Next Jump was when our Boston office hoisted the winning trophy for the 2012 Holiday Party Dance Battle.  Our holiday party at Next Jump is held once a year in February, and we bring together all employees from four offices for the event.  It’s an amazing perk of being a

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Perks are the new income.

Today, companies are focused on retaining talent. Job growth is expected to be the strongest in 15 years in 2015, and a recent study revealed that 86% of employees in the US are exploring their options for alternative jobs. A recent Wall Street Journal Article (titled: “Lavish Perks Spawn New Job Category“) focused on the technology sector

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